Why Mountain Creek Marketing?

To Maximize your sales.

Our Clients / Manufacturer’s

We develop and maintain relationships with a wide range of key retailers that allow us to get your products into their most effective markets. Our decades of experience enable us to evaluate these markets for you and then place products strategically for your success.

Our experienced team works with you to understand your products, your sales priorities, and expectations. They are continually monitoring your distribution pathways and evaluating sales performance. This team has extensive experience as both buyers and sellers in the industry.

Many of our retailers often express the need for certain products and we have worked with both suppliers and retailers to create unique and successful products. We maintain contact at both the Corporate and Division level that enables us to do this.

As a Partner with Mountain Creek Marketing

We handle all aspects of your product sales from the initial contact with our Retailers, to establishing and maintaining order processing, evaluating and reporting sales performance and advisement on product development.

We work with retailers to develop the most appropriate distribution channel model for your product.

You develop and manufacture the product you are famous for, you receive reports and meet with our representatives as often as needed to allow you to develop strategic decisions for future production and sales. You can be free from most of these time consuming, frustrating, and complicated parts of your business.

For Our Retail Clients

We develop and maintain relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of products that can enhance your bottom line. Very often these are higher value-added products that can increase your profitability via their superior quality and/or fulfill an unrealized market niche.

We work with you to integrate these manufacturers and their products into your operations. As with our manufacturers, we monitor and evaluate product performance, reporting, and consulting as appropriate for future sales improvements.

At Mountain Creek Marketing, we bring people together to improve sales by facilitating those relationships and improving results. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is constantly focused on your success.