Eileen DeSpain

Customer Service

Eileen comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in computer programs such as Microsoft programs – Word, Excel, SharePoint, Publisher, Visio, Project and Access, along with other programs such as CRM’s (Salesforce, ACT, and many others), and Power BI.  Having this experience, she will be able to help us maintain up to date information through GenWeb and would help Stephanie with the different portals and paperwork. 

Eileen has a long history of dealing with the public in customer service. She has been working as a Membership Administrator for one of the elite car companies in the world. She was the go-to person for this membership and multitask in all different areas arranging from marketing ideas, roll outs and follow ups. Yes, it is the Ferrari Club. In addition, she worked with other firms which she was an Office Manager, Executive Administrative and other positions which required extensive amount of customer relations, dealings with high ranking professionals, multitasking and resolving issues.

On a personal note, she is a gear head and loves to talk shop.