Lynn Sarsgard

Account Specialist

After graduation, Lynn joined Proctor and Gamble and worked there for 2 years before purchasing his own food brokerage company, transitioning into another brokerage firm until 2012. Throughout his 32 years in the business he has had many successes, including being one of the first teams to build an On-Shelf Marketing Group and Retail Coverage program for his Clients. Additionally Lynn went on to help build and develop several successful broker teams throughout the Midwest that worked together to build and implement a retail reporting system, (MASS), that was utilized by KCSB, Midwest Partners, On the Shelf Marketing and Beacon United.

Lynn decided that after years of continued support for other companies, he wanted to work for a company he could do the things he enjoys in the business with the challenges of hitting goals for his customers and clients. Residing in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lynn handles many of our clients and customers in the mid-west.

When asked what he likes to do outside work, he responded “I like to exercise daily, fishing, golfing and gardening”. Lynn has a beautiful large garden, it should be in Home & Gardens. His love for his family and his 7 wiener dogs will always be number 1.