Mary Dowling

Account Specialist

Mary’s extensive background will benefit our organization by providing us with the tools to make our appointments and our store checks more productive. Mary has worked inside the Kroger Division, King Soopers / City Market, for many years, most recently as a Sales Manager. Her position there involved many different segments of the business. She had financial and store communication responsibilities. She worked with the vendor/broker community, facilitated meetings and knowledge and training on Food Safety. She worked closely with the Corporate office on sales planning, budgets, and new items and, was the voice of “local” clients.  She is highly respected in both the manufacturing and broker communities.

Mary works alongside her husband in their growing landscaping business. While not working, Mary finds time to spend with her grandchildren and in the spring and summer months she does a little gardening while listening to the Rockies game. Want to talk baseball? Mary is your person; she has been a huge fan of the Rockies for many years and knows the players their stats etc….