Theresa Compton

Account Executive

Theresa’s more than 25 years of retail experience and a keen sense of customer service have made her a vital part of Mountain Creek Marketing’s day to day activities. Her buyer’s knowledge, sales, and management skills, and creativity, have made her a success. Her determination to stay on top of current technology has grown and nurtured her computer skills.

When asked what she enjoys the most, she answered, “I actually enjoy using all of the computer and graphics programs available to design our individually customized presentations for our clients and customers. It is exciting seeing the sales results that these presentations generate. Then, figuring out how to improve and create new marketing tools is a rewarding challenge in itself”. These customer-specific services are some of the things that help us succeed with our customers and clients.

When not focused on providing the best customer service in the marketplace. Theresa enjoys free time with her family, close friends, and traveling the world soaking up cultures and diversity.